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I build quality musical instruments with care and love!
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I love to build the harpsichord.


It is my mission to build high quality harpsichords, and clavichords, for students and performers alike. By high quality, I mean that the sound, touch, and appearance are appealing, making the musical experience pleasurable for the player and the listener.


My design is patterned after the master builders that have gone before me. Harpsichord design has evolved over hundreds of years of adjustment in build and art.


I use building concepts that have been generously passed down to me. Many techniques are those used by the masters centuries ago. As part of the building process, I've developed expertise in making keyboards, and other parts, that can be requested individually for specific customer needs.


I started my musical career as a clarinetist. I grew up with a family of musicians. I cite, as an example, my sister, Marianne Ploger, who is a well-known musical perception specialist, musical scientist, composer, and pianist. I attended Michigan State University, where I earned a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Natural Science and Education in 1976. I went on to work in several professional and managerial capacities. After many years, I wanted to return to my musical roots, while taking advantage of my woodworking interests. In 1994, I had the opportunity to study with Keith Hill, in Manchester, Michigan. Keith's reputation as a musical instrument maker is wellrecognized and respected in the field. At that time, I learned the craft of early keyboard instrument making. As part of the experience, I not only learned the technical principles of construction, but also the functional, aesthetic, and artistic aspects that go into making a fine quality instrument. Today, I produce instruments, keyboards, and parts, from a workshop in Spokane, Washington. I also participate as a clarinetist in a local orchestra.

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